Tactics involve the special maneuvers used by many people to overcome their insufficiency and beat other using specialized ways and get the lead. The world hosts around thousands of tourist attraction spots all year and many of these have been known to be islands. However the Puerto Galera islands have grown to be quite influential and their over whelming appearance on different tourist guides around the world have caused the large amounts of influx of people visiting these islands to catch the glimpse of the world renowned bays and coral reefs submerged into the beautiful lagoons. The wild sea life in the waters of the islands feeds off many of the inhabitants and makes the restaurants located in the island to be more resourceful with their cuisines by fusing different types of food from both the diverse food cuisines and the local ones

The races between the popular islands such as Fiji islands, Bora Bora and Taveuni has been long in the history as more advancements regarding enhancing tourisms with more 5 stars hotels and spacious spas have been opening in the areas, however these islands have fallen behind the Puerto Galera because of its exclusive and out of the box approach to meet the goals to compete in the race. The islands greatest achievement as described by many people have been the capacity to involve different natural resources to generate enough electricity which powers the entire island and its fraternity whereas also seeks the vision of importing electricity by the coming years.

The island offers different diving courses by collaboration with international diving organisation which have focused their vision and mission statements to provide families and other people visiting the island the complete experience of swimming with more than 200 species of fish and crabs found in the waters whereas to completely submerge in the water to observe the fastest growing species of the corals which are only found in the waters of Puerto Galera. Check the luxury home in Puerto Galera.

The island secrets have not been hidden to any person yearning for a great adventure or trekking to its mountainous terrain, the economy has seen a major uplift and as compared to other rival tourist location of the world, the Puerto Galera economy portrays even on the people living off the island by the abundance in different amounts of large scale shopping centres and the lack of fishermen found at sea because the island has been purely generating money off from tourism means which has proven it to be the winner amongst all.