Why Plantation Shutters Are Much More Practical Than Other Interior Windows

Plantation shutters have alway been a popular choice because of their looks and their total convenience. It is particularly popular as the window covering of choice for kitchens. While its aesthetics may already have you ready to purchase take note that some have been turned off by the relatively higher overhead costs. Still most claim that the practicality of shutters will justify the costs. Listed here are a few more points to aid you in making that decision. It is also important to consult your partner to make sure that buying plantation Shutters Gold Coast will be the best move. Here are a few points:

  • Energy savings – Shutters are known to be good insulators and good deflectors of sunlight. This does not only improve your home’s inside temperature but also cut down your energy costs.
  • Safety – Most of the time, plantation shutters are free of dangling strings and cords that kids may ket trapped in. This makes them safer compared to your common drapes or blinds. Families, especially those with babies and small children no longer need to be anxious about getting strangled by window covers. One downside though is that the shutters can be easily opened due to their inherent design.
  • Plantation shutters will also extend the lifespan of your carpets and furniture. The shutters are highly adjustable so you can either keep the shutters open or semi-open to deflect the sun’s rays away from the carpets and the furniture. The sun’s rays can fade and destroy the pigments of materials over time. By deflecting the sunlight, the shutters protect your furniture and your carpets from losing their attractiveness
  • Capital home improvements – You can earn tax savings if you sell a house with shutters since the IRS considers them to be capital improvements to the home. Just keep in mind to keep the copies of the receipts!

Plantation shutters are really the window fixtures of choice. With the features mentioned above that more than justifies the cost, their versatility even allows to them to be used for cabinetry or for room dividers. No only do they cover windows, they can even be fixed over niches and cutouts in the house. As an example, for TV niches that are no longer being used, you can use a plantation shutter as a cabinet door. They will look attractive, plus you now have a new storage space. One other idea is that you can use shutters as fillers for pass-throughs and half-walls to improve the aesthetics. You add more privacy, as well.