Carports are open-sided, roofed structures that can store at least one car, van, boat, truck, trailer or RV. These structures are different from garages because they have their sides opened and do not have doors.

A carport is useful when the family owns more than a car, but not enough space in the garage. Constructing a carport will cost you one-sixth the amount you would pay for a garage and you will make sure that your vehicle is protected from weather conditions. Carports can be lean-to or freestanding structures depending on the available space you have.

Types of carports

Steel carports

Steel is one of the sturdiest materials used for carports, especially for their pillars, roof or supports. Steel carports Perth are very sturdy and heavy so that they will stay in place even during the strongest storms. As a drawback, they are harder to be installed and more expensive compared to the aluminum or polyester ones. But they look better, especially next to modern structures.

Tin carports

They are cheaper than steel carports, but also less durable. They rust faster, especially if exposed to moisture or rain. But tin is a great option when you need a carport for a couple of years. Tin carports are not very esthetic and should be located out of sight, somewhere behind the house. They are better used as freestanding carports.

Aluminum carports

Aluminum carports are easy to transport and install and are lighter than steel. They are a great option when you need a carport for a short period. They are not expensive and come in a variety of designs and colors. Because this material is very light, the carport will not be very stable during storms or high winds.

Wood carports

Wood carports are the most elegant, durable and strongest of all types of carports available. The entire structure is made of treated wood, to ensure it is termite and weather resistant. A wooden carport can be quite expensive due to the weight of the material, the additional treatment, and the skills required installing it. But overall, the wood carports will easily blend with the design of most houses and buildings.

Polyester carports

Polyester or polyethylene is the least expensive of all materials. This lightweight option offers protection from the rain and sun but cannot withstand heavy snowfall or high winds. This type of carport is easy to install and transport.

Adding one or several carports to your property is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your vehicles from the harsh weather conditions. They provide both long-term and short-term solution, depending on the materials used. Carports have multiple benefits and uses, being able to give shelter to animals, haystack or any other machinery and utensils that you want to protect from rain, snow and wind.