Website design: What to think about in the layout

When it comes to website design, the layout should be well-planned out. After all, it is the first thing that visitors see when the website finishes loading on their end of the computer and having a good impression is the goal. There are three important parts of a website’s layout that should be noted and these are identified as the background, font color and font style. The web design Auckland thought of it and manipulated it properly, this will make or break the website of the client that is up for a website design. Each aspect of website design is discussed below in order to explain why these are so important and failing to work on one will result in dire consequences.


The background is the part of a website that primarily takes the whole majority of it. The word “background” alone tells a person that it is the image or the color splashed all over the website. While it is often left in the plain white in order to encourage reading from visitors without having to give them an eye strain, it can also be done in different colors as well as images but it has to be planned out properly, making sure that the background color cooperates with the font colors otherwise it will not only look distasteful but readers will find it a problem to get to the information they need.

Font color

The font color is another thing that makes up the website design and it comes hand-in-hand together with the background as the font color should complement the background to give it an appeal to the reader. Failing to make both the background and the font color work together would result in either a website that people will be cautious to visit because of the splash of colors that disagree with each other or will not visit altogether. This is highly important as reeling in readers and in the case of business websites, customers is the goal of getting a website.

Font style

The font style is the cherry on top of website design and is another factor in creating a decent websites. The font style keeps the content and theme of the website highlighted as each font style has a different way of presenting the texts. Like the background and font color, if the font style does not work with the theme, it might turn off some visitors. More importantly, the font style should be legible and in a decent size in order for visitors to get the information they are reading right.

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