Planning a corporate party, or fundraiser takes a lot of work and becomes an overwhelming task. Many times, the catering for the event is the last thing on the list. There are many different options for a corporate caterer, and not all caterers will work for your event. Here are some tips to make choosing corporate caterer the right caterer for your next event.

Hire a corporate caterer that listens

Usually a corporate events has a lot of details that need to be planned, so having a caterer that listens to you and helps you plan the event is the best option. There are going to be high-profile clients, managers, board members, and other guests at the event, and the event should look professionally done. Know what you want, but still be open new ideas. All good caterers will ask about the event catering you want and then deliver on the event day. If the caterer starts telling you what they are going to do and it’s not what you wanted, you may want to look somewhere else.

Look for Efficiency

Depend on the people that you have catering the event. Many business executives are busy people, and they may focus more on meeting new people and talking business, than the food at the event. So, try to find a caterer that focuses on foods that are easy and quick to eat since these are the best option for many corporate events.

However, buffet-style can still be used. The caterer just needs to make sure that all the items are labeled properly. This will take the guesswork out of what foods you serve since many people have allergies, or dietary restrictions. You should try to have the buffet to have double-sided as to keep long wait times from becoming a problem.

Know Your Head Count

Knowing your head count is important. It can be hard to pin point a head count, but even an estimate will help with the planning stages for the event’s catering. The head count helps create the budget and the menu design for the event.


It should be a given that if you are hosting a business function, you are going to have a room filled with people who have different cuisine, dietary needs and restrictions. Since there are so many, different restrictions and dietary needs, this will increase the cost of the corporate caterer. Many caterers have menus or will work with you to create a menu that has gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.v