Tips Before Hiring Containers For Rent

Containers are used for storing a large amount of materials or goods that are being shipped overseas; this is commonly seen on deck port where the importing and exporting of goods are being made. Before planning shipping it is important to determine whether you are going to buy your own container or you should hire. Hiring containers are most applicable in shipping that is moving only between states because it has the higher chance of returning the container.

If you already decided to  get container hire, here are some tips before hiring container this may help you especially in deciding the best container for your shipping.

• Size- The recommended size of the container is 20ft by 40ft because longer containers are the most commonly used containers in shipping industry, but it is not universal of course for safer shipping you may consult the maritime transport company about this because sometimes they will need to choose the size according to the sailing frequency, the size of ship and the shipping route.

• Construction Materials– It is necessary to inspect and ensure that the container that you are renting is made from a corrosion resistant material such as corten steel.

• Damages- Before taking the container it is important to ensure that the one you are renting is at a good condition, this mean that you will need to check it from the exterior, interior, roof, walls and floors this is to ensure that the container is leak proof and can handle the weight of your goods. Should be delivered to you at the port without any damages and in good condition as what is being said in your contract. If you wish to deliver it at home make sure you clean up all the mess and clear the area to avoid any cause of damages.

• Locks- Of course aside from checking the exterior and interior of the container you must also check if the lock of the container is working, your good must be protected in any cost. Ensure that container has lock box that protects the padlock from being tampered.

Always remember that when renting, it is important that you will check first what kind of services they are providing, by searching the internet or getting feedbacks from old clients it might help you in deciding who you will trust for storing your goods. Good companies always ensure that their services give satisfaction to their customers.