Tips About Brick Paving Contractors

Every homeowner would like any landscaping projects to be completed, looking great, but also to be executed smoothly. Scheduling should proceed on expected lines, pricing should be transparent and fair and there should be a supervisor on the site to oversee the quality of the work. Any paving contractor who has been hired to install concrete, pavers, brick and travertine pavers should have the necessary experience and expertise to deliver an excellent piece of work. How does the home owner. make sure that all this happens? He or she can do certain things, along with asking the right questions to the brick paving contractors who are being considered for the job.


The first place to start is by obtaining recommendations and asking people who are known whether they have used any brick paving contractors recently with whose work they have been happy. They can also be asked if they know anybody else who has had a paving project executed or if they have seen one which they like in the area. Questions should be asked on how long the use has been in the business because anybody who has just started out is unlikely to have the necessary experience. However, a person who is starting a new business but has worked with reputable contractors for many years should be acceptable. At least three references should be required and the client’s named should be telephone or e-mailed to ascertain whether they were happy with the workmanship and whether they were satisfied. If people are happy with the paving contractor used, they will usually be happy to share their experience.


On the question of guarantees from the brick paving contractor, it should be ascertained the period for which there are valid and which part of the work is included. Guarantees should be valid for a minimum of one year. The prospective employer should ask to see one or more projects actually completed, which are similar to the type of project being contemplated. For instance, if a patio is being planned, this is the kind of project that should be inspected. Find out who the company actually did the work because it is of no use to see a project completed by somebody who has left the company. Quotes should be obtained from at least two different contractors and the comparison should be apples to apples and not apples to oranges. If there is any difference between the two proposals, ask for the necessary adjustments to be made.

Finally, the accuracy of the pricing from the brick paving contractors should be checked because money can be saved by not accepting flawed estimates. A meticulous check needs to be carried out, but the time spent could be well worth the money which could possibly be saved.

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