Time Management Tips For Plumbers

Being a plumber means that you need to be naturally task-focused. Sometimes, the short time frames that you have to finish repair jobs can make you neglect the administrative side of your business. With a small amount of attention paid to the way that you work every day, it could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Here are some small things that a plumber Sydney can do to improve their business efficiency every day.

  • Avoid Interruptions

One of the worst things that can happen for a working plumber is an interruption. This is not just the time that you have to take to deal with the interruption, it is also time that you need to take to get back to work. While 10 minutes does not seem like a huge amount of time when doing a repair, any minute that you lose will make a difference in your work. A simple method to avoid having interruptions is to have your voice mail active when you are out on a plumbing job.

  • Weekly Schedule

If you are working as freelance plumber and not with a company, you need to create your own work schedule. At the beginning of every week, you should create a schedule for that week. You can use a phone, computer, or write the schedule down, as long as you are able to use a plan to help you stay on task. This should include a “to do” list of the things that you need to complete, and details about the jobs that you have scheduled for the week. Doing this at the start of the week allows you the time to separate each task out for each day, and be able to group tasks more efficiently. This can also help you see what tasks that can wait, and what ones need to be finished first.

  • Measure Time

One of the major reasons that a lot of work time is wasted is that people simply do not keep track of time. You can measure out the time a task takes, and cut down on your procrastination. If you do this you will be able to make work days shorter, and improve the outcome for your customers. This can also help you understand the amount of time that a task really takes, so you are able to give better quotes to possible clients.

Learning to manage time is more than just a day-to-day task. Once you are able to manage your time on a daily basis, you will be able to complete your work more efficiently, and make more money from your plumbing business.