Vintage marquee letters are old designs of letters used on marquees on hotel entrances, casinos, company front gates on any raised platform where such letters can be installed. They have signage that states the name of the hotel, casino or theatre, whichever the case. Surrounded by a huge cache of light bulbs of different colors, mostly yellow, red or white flashing intermittently, they appear very attractive. They are normally of big sizes and so conspicuous that they can be seen from far, as long as the viewer is standing on a lower ground than where the marquee letters are.

Rising to prominence of these vintage marquee letters dates back to the 1930s when they were used on theatres. Increased use of automobiles also directly affected the designs of these letters. This was done to attract the attention of not only pedestrians on foot, but also those in their moving cars. The theatre lights were made bright and flashing, and some with chasing lights that could not let anybody’s attention escape. These letters therefore form a great part of theatre history of art and architecture.

Blacksmiths of the old times made these letters using refined metal, coated with other metal protectors for sacrificial protection, in the case where metals capable of rusting were used. If iron was used, zinc was melted then used to coat the letters, and then painted, leaving a beautiful and long-lasting piece. Some of the letters that were made during those early years still exist. This work was a long and tedious one, and their hard work on these letters still beats the best of our generation, with all these machines for cutting and shaping available. This is so because all the shaping and cutting in the early years was done manually, with simple hand-made tools, producing very good pieces of art.

With this current generation, where inventions are the order of morning, noon and evening, many people are beginning to like the things of old, rolling back to old tastes. More taste is being gained on these old pieces of art, and our main subject, the vintage marquee letters Sydney, which has by far proved to be of the top rage, is on top of the list. Old is gold, so they say. These letters are very expensive in the market as is normal with all vintage products. A good example being the 4pc LOVE Circus Vintage letters that go for $229.

Vintage marquee letters, without doubt remain to be a big part of old history, and those who are lucky enough to own them have all the pride to say that, indeed, pieces of history dwell with them.