The Best Fabric for Tailored Shirts

There are different kinds of fabric and also different kinds of colors that you can use for your tailored shirts.

• Cotton

This is definitely the best fabric for making any shirt and it has been the first choice for years and years. A fine woven and high quality cotton fabric is durable, has perfect heat and moisture conduction, is very soft on the skin and responds very well to ironing.

• Man-made fabric

Although they do not have the same strong qualities as the cotton fabric, manmade fabric has made a very huge impact on the shirt designing industry because of their cheap pricing. A great advantage of this fabric is the fact that it can manage to stay stain and wrinkle free.

For your tailored shirts, you should stay away from any fabric that is over 50% manmade as it can potentially give your shirts a cheap and durability is another factor to consider.

• Silk

This is the ultimate luxury fabric and is easily recognizable because of its light and sheen drape. The maintenance costs for this fabric are quite high and therefore not recommended for tailored shirts. The durability is also very slim, you don’t want to go to the pain of making your shirt only for you to wear it a couple of times only.

The pattern

• Solid

This is the most formal and simplest pattern yet the most popular. A solid shirt takes attention away from the shirt’s color and allows you to make a better display of your shirt’s style and perfect fit. Solid doesn’t mean strictly solid your shit could have subtle waves for an even better look.

• Check

If you look at the history of checked shirts, they were used to show the background of the person wearing it. Today checked shirts are not the first option for most men, especially when wearing it with a suit but this should not be the case. For as long as you are wearing a solid suit, you can go with a checked shirt and a striped tie.

• Stripe

You can never go wrong with a blue on white stripped tailored dress. It is the epitome of style and will give you a very distinguished look. You don’t have to stick to the classic blue on white; you can go with other colors such as pink on white or black on white, whatever floats your boat.

Keep this style tips in mind as you go to Tailored shirts Sydney and you will have the best tailored shirts.