Thailand’s Beach Capital

About 62 miles from the south-east of Bangkok and on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, lies a wonderful resort city named Pattaya. Starting out as a fishing village up until the 1960s when the American soldiers discovered its wonderful beachfronts, Pattaya’s fishers huts were eventually replaced by resort hotels and retail stores. Currently, Asia’s largest beachfront shopping mall is found at its shores.

Pattaya’s population is pretty low; however, it has a massive inflow from tourism. To this date, there are 2000 hotels and 136, 000 rooms available at Pattaya. With its popularity due to its natural environment and nice beaches, Pattaya houses for sale are a wonderful business opportunity. Aside from Pattaya houses for sale, there are high-rise condominiums in the city along Thepprasit Road. Pattaya houses for sale are surrounded by shops, bars, and restaurants.

Cabaret shows are a hit among the tourists in Pattaya. It has become a must-see destination when visiting Pattaya and for good reason. It may appear like a simple cabaret show but it is a lot more. Here, the ladies in the show are not actual ladies but rather, they are ladyboys. The two most prominent cabaret shows in Pattaya are the Tiffany’s Cabaret and the Alcazar Cabaret.

There are also a multitude of malls in Pattaya. Amongst these malls is the notorious Floating Market. Visitors usually find a way to see the marvel that is the Pattaya Floating Market. You can find the market itself built on a small lake.

You will not lose of things to do at Pattaya from all of these theme and amusement parks and historical sites alongside with the plenty sporting opportunities available both on sea and land like game and fly fishing, go-karts, scuba and surfing. Pattaya houses for sale are even more worth the price because the streets of Pattaya at night are glowing with the electrifying neon lights. A world renowned street, the Walking Street, which stretches from the south end of Beach Road to Bali Hai Pier contains a hundred drink bars, more than a few dozen gogo bars, discos, cabaret, exotic restaurants and sport bars. Because of the crowd that gathers here at night, this street is closed to vehicles from 6 o’clock in the evening until 2 am at dawn. This vibrant coastal city never loses life from sunrise when water sports lovers usually start to take on the waters to sunset, when the action shifts to the streets with Pattaya’s thrilling nightlife.