Service Pipes Used in Building Construction

Many of us don’t know this, but there are different types of plumbing pipes used in building construction that works for various purposes. These include water supply, drainage and waste disposal made of different materials.

The pipes that lead to the main water supply to the plumbing system of the house are known as service pipes. From the word itself, it serves the homeowners by carrying the water from the source. These use specific materials that are best fitted for the role and these are the following:


It has a high corrosive resistance when compared to other pipe metals. They also have considerable strength and reasonable ductility. They are available in long lengths in the market. They can bear high pressure so these are also used for industrial purposes for heavy flows. There are two types of copper pipes that are available, namely heavy gauge and light gauge. Heavy gauge types are used where pressure is very high like as the leading pipe from distribution main and for large flows. Light gauge types are used when the pressure does not exceed 0.15N/mm2 that is for internal domestic uses.

Galvanised Iron

Compared to copper pipes, G.I. or steel are very economical. The one downside is that they corrode easily in soft and acid waters. In the other case, galvanised iron pipes are much stronger than copper pipes. For this reason, we can use these in places where the chance of corrosion is less or in hard water areas. Hammering is needed to remove the scales formed by hard water.

Polythene or plastic 

They are used for freezing water services. Nowadays, plastic pipes dominate the others because of some advantages such as that these do not corrode, cheap in cost, less weight, easy to install, do not require threading and resistant to bacterial scale. These are mostly used in the world but they are limited to cold water supplies because they do not sustain high temperature.

These helps us to determine the right pipe in a specific location. In every building, sufficient quantity of water should be available at required locations to meet various needs of occupants. So, water needs must be properly computed before the construction of the structure.

The transmission water is carried through pipes within the structure above or below the ground. At the same time, we must compute the proper drainage facilities to drain the wastewater through pipes. These are considered a vital part of the plumbing system because even if we get the computation of the right quantity of water to flow, we use the wrong one, then the whole structure might suffer extreme damages.

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