Restaurant Dining, Your Do’s as a Customer

When dining in a Restaurant it is not all the waiter or waitress’ responsibility, as every relationship is always a two way thing, so goes with you as a customer and a servant. Always consider the saying, respect begets respect, that what it is you give will be the same thing you get. The saying ‘customer is always right’ is a very old and common misconception as it is not really the case; it gets abused that the servant’s case always end up neglected. But that idea had been long forgotten, as the servant’s that takes care of you as a customer are people, not robots, that they too are people that needs respects from you.

Here are a few insights that you as a customer need to consider each time you dine in a Restaurant.

  • When you dine in a Restaurant. After you have sat down on your table, wait for your chance to be attended. Waiters and waitresses have a lot of things to do, perhaps even more than what it is that are expected of them to do. Waiters and waitresses do not just take your orders and serve them, and if incase that should be the only job they do, it is not just you that they attend to, remember that you are dining in a public place, thus you are not the only person that need their attention.
  • When you dine in a Restaurant. Take time to read the menu, every meal has its own description so that you would have an idea of what it is made of so as what it would taste. Another misconception that waiters and waitresses need to read and explains everything in the menu for you. Should you be someone that needs extra assistance, surely you would have someone assisting you; else, that would fall on a different case that surely your servant would understand.
  • When you dine in a Restaurant. You are responsible to what it is you eat. Just like what had been discussed in the previous line. You are expected to read the menu, you are aware of what it is you can eat and what it is that you cannot, you know your health condition, the restaurant servants do not. Explains your responsibility to let them know.
  • When you dine in a Restaurant. Be courteous. Always consider the saying, respect begets respect. You surely want to be respected, thus, show them your respect. They too are people that deserve to be treated the right way.

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