If you are looking to move into a new house, doing the cleaning of the old one can be a huge chore. Brisbane exit cleaningcan help you remove this chore from your to do list. Many exit cleaning services will do some odd jobs; however, you will need to ask about these services. So, you should also be aware that you could be charged extra for these services. You should talk this over before you hire the exit cleaning services to make sure that you both understand what services are being provided. Here are some of the odd jobs that some exit cleaning services companies provide that do not come standard.

Clean The Oven

This service is not a part of many cleaning company’s packages: however, most companies do offer the service. If you are not sure if a dirty oven will affect if you get your bond money returned, you should ask if the cleaning company cleans ovens. This service can be free or a small extra fee, and the fee is less than the bond money amount.

Spot Clean Carpets and Rugs

Many cleaning companies offer this service at no or very little cost, if you ask about the service. Make sure that you inform the company that you are hiring that there is a stain, so they can bring the correct cleaning items to your home to be able to remove it. You should also inform the company if you know the cause of the stain, as different stains have to be treated differently. Stains can cause you to lose your bond money, so informing the cleaning company before they show up, can help you get your bond money back.

Clean the Inside of the Fridge

In many exit cleaning packages, the cleaning of the outside of the fridge and freezer is done. Some companies will clean the inside also, but you should ask if this is included with your package. For many companies, this falls into the deep cleaning package. If you are adding this service to your package, you may want to have all the items in the fridge removed, to make the cleaning process faster and easier for the cleaners.

Having your old home professionally cleaned can be very important to getting your whole bond amount back. Some real estate agencies will need the whole house to be spotless, so many cleaning companies will do other services that are not normally offered, especially if you ask about them beforehand.