Important Factors To Know About Your Campervans

Mostly the campervans are made by companies but sometimes ordinary vehicles are converted in to campervans through several amendments. You can easily find the campervans for sale but it is not compulsory that you find the best match for yourself. If you are planning to buy a campervan you should know the obligations of vehicle registration tax before making a deal. The campervans can costs you more than your expectations if their vehicle registration tax is not paid. The vehicle registration tax is usually at the rate of 13.3 percent of the price of the campervan. The tax value might be more than the value in some cases. Hence, you should make it sure that the tax is paid before buying the campervan. The campervan’ VRT (vehicle registration tax) is estimated according to numerous variables. The private sellers who offer the campervans for sale are not paying taxes of the vans as they are not getting much profit.

The campervans are often available in both the right hand drive and the left hand drive cars. However, it is suggested that if you have to make long distances with the campervans, you should buy the one with left hand drive. But the road rules of some countries will force you to have a campervan with right hand drive as you will be easy with it. The VRT is different for local made campervans and for the imported campervans. Before buying the campervan, check the logbook that mentions the make of the campervan. By this you don’t have to make declaration of conversion in case the campervan is imported. If you buy an imported campervan, it must be presented to the NVTS (National Vehicle Testing Services). The campervan must satisfy all the tests of the NVTS.

While there are some companies offering campervans for sale, there are also some companies offering conversion of ordinary vehicles in to campervans. Being buyer you should not assume that the VRT of the van has been paid. You should see the registration documents thoroughly. If an ordinary vehicle is converted into camper, it is obligatory to pay more VRT on it. If you are new owner of a camper van, you should download the VRT form, fill it out and attach required documents and submit it to the authorities. If you have converted an ordinary vehicle in to camper, you should authenticate it from someone who knows all the credentials of conversion such as an engineer.

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