Importance of Line Marking in the Society

Line markings play a very important role in our society because of how it keeps people from accidents and arguments. Line markings are there to give instruction, to discipline and to put everyone in place so that no conflict between two parties will arise. These markings are found almost everywhere for people to know what they should do and where they should be. Without these markings, we would be living in a world where people just do whatever they want without caring about other people’s interest. This world would be full of arguments and complications because they have nothing to follow and they would think that they can just do whatever it are that they wish to do because nothing is stopping them.

Line markings should be given more importance by the government and the government and the establishment that have it should always maintain and visible markings for everyone not to get confused on where the lines are. Other people do not have the best eye sight and so it is hard for them to see line markings especially when it is already starting to fade. Instructions are very important to have because this is what people follow to know how to do their things without delaying anyone or disturbing other people who are also doing something.

People should start noticing everything that is around them because each and everything they see plays an important role in the society, and without of them, there is already a big difference.
Line markings can be seen in almost everywhere people go, in train stations, in malls, on the road, in parking lots everywhere. These markings have different purposes but have on goal, each and every line marking seen anywhere is there to put people in their respective places and to respect the space of the other. If there is already someone who got the place, say in parking lots, and the next one should find his own spot. Parking lots have been marked to place each and every one in a space that is enough for them to conveniently open and close their cars. Parking spaces should be measured in such a way that big cars are still able to move around freely without disturbing the other spaces of the other drivers. Parking spaces of motorists should even be different from the parking spaces of the cars because each has a big difference in size and no space should be wasted.

Line markings should be obeyed to avoid accidents from happening and unwanted arguments. A lot of accidents on the road have already happened just because some drivers are not respectful enough to the space of the other. These car accidents are killing innocent lives and so people should understand how important it is to obey line marking rules and traffic rules. After all, nobody owns the road; it is for everyone and each one of us have equal rights on it. No one should dominate and act as if he owns because this will only cause accidents that none of us wants.

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