The Ideal Thirst Quenchers

The blazing sun calls for cool summer drinks to relax. Slushy drinks are flavored drinks mixed with pulverized ice. Parties conducted in summer especially should have slushy machine hire Sydney to serve the guest with these heavenly drinks. The slushy machine hire companies offer easy to use slush machines which can be set up easily on tables.

The mixes offered by the companies are usually non-alcoholic and can be spiced up if needed with a dose of alcohol. Quality of the drink depends mainly on the quality and taste of the syrups prepared by the company. The flavors are usually fruity and includes the likes of cranberry, apple, orange, mango, raspberry, strawberry, etc. Awesome range of slushy flavors are provided by the slushy machine hire companies all over Australia. While drinks such as cocktails and daiquiris contain alcohol, the slushies are alcohol free beverages which can thus be served safely to kids as well. The colorful slushy machines add a pleasing background to the party.

Parties ranging from kids’ parties to wedding reception parties can serve slushy as the perfect refreshment to the guests. The chilled drink offers a pleasing effect on the guests and lifts their spirits to involve more in the party. Slushy machine hire companies usually offer free delivery of their machine and its pick up after use. Night pick up and extras like mix, straw, glasses, napkins, etc. costs you separate charges for them in addition to the basic package ordered. Regularly serviced and well maintained machines are more reliable and cause no trouble to the hosts while operating in the party. Clear all the facts with the slushy machine hire company so that neither you nor they are confused with details like the quantity of slush machines, refills, type of machines, delivery and pick up times, etc. It is better to order enough refills and refrain from adding your own ingredients and liquids to the containers as the freezing consistency may be affected due to these actions and you end up with over freezing the drink and damaging the machines. Ensure proper power supply to the machine and do not keep it direct sunlight to avoid slowing up the freezing process.

Most of the companies which provide these machines offer amazing package deals with other party additions like photo booth, juke box, chocolate fountains, etc. These deals can help the hosts to save a lot of money while increasing the entertainment and fun quotient of the parties.