When you are always exposed to loud noise, there is a higher chance that you will go deaf. It is even more so when you are exposed to loud noise in your work. That is what you would often refer to as industrial deafness. Protect yourself from this type of deafness by remembering the following tips:

  1. It is essential that you use earplugs. You have a greater chances of damaging your sense of hearing the louder and longer you are exposed to noise. You have to wear ear protectors, whether it is earmuffs or earplugs. Get away from loud noises quickly or take 10-minute breaks if you can’t get away.
  2. Lower the volume of the noise. If the sound is uncomfortable for you or if you are unable to hear any external noise when you are wearing headphones, then you have the noise turned out to loud. You have to lower the volume fast.
  3.  Take note of the 60:60 rule. If you are listening to a sound through music players, then listen to it at 60%. Also, you have to listen to the sound for a maximum amount of time of 60 minutes in one day. Regulate the sound’s volume properly
  4. Wearing headphones when you are always exposed to loud noise is a given. There are noise-cancelling headphones that you can check out in the market these days. You also have the older versions, the muff-type ones, that you can wear to not be exposed to loud noises.
  5. Never put up with noise at work. If there is too much noise at your workplace, it is only a given that you talk with the human resource department. Ask them on what you can do or what they can do for noise reduction. You can get hearing protection for that as well.
  6. If the one causing the noise is the TV, Hi-Fi, or radio, then you better turn the dial down. Just a small volume reduction makes a big difference to the chances of saving yourself from industrial deafness. You need to make your voice be easily heard above the noise.
  7. When participating in a live concert or music,it is better if you use earplugs. By using earplugs, the sound levels can be reduced by about 15 decibels. Earplugs are readily available at various live music venues. Even if you are wearing them at live concerts, you won’t be spoiling your fun in any way.
  8. Be extra careful when listening to your music player when in a confined space. This significantly increases the chances of hearing damage. It is especially true when you are listening to your music player in the car.
  9. Always wear an ear protector when you are working with noisy equipment. Some equipment that gives off too much noise include saws, sanders, lawn mowers, and power drills. Your earplugs or earmuffs can save your ears.
  10. Give your ears a hearing detox. This detoxification is meant to have your ears rest and recover after being exposed to loud sounds. You won’t have to suffer from industrial deafness then.

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