How To Make A Photo Booth Hire More Interesting

When you have an event and you set up everything for the event, you will likely have something like wedding photo booth hire that everyone can enjoy. When you spend the money to have a photo booth hire, you want to make it as interesting as possible. There are a few different ways you can accomplish this. You can have better costumes, props and even allow your guests to post directly to social media. With these kinds of things added to your photo booth, it is likely your guests are going to enjoy themselves even more. As you have more and more photo booths at your events, you will come up with even more great ideas.

Have Better Costumes

If you have a theme for your event, you may want to have costumes that will match your event. Keep in mind that your guests will likely only be seen from the waist up in the pictures, so you don’t need to worry about pants or anything else, but great hats and additions like jackets can be great to add to the costumes for the photo booth hire. Keep in mind that most of these professionals will bring along a stack of costumes that can be used in the booth. You may want to talk with them to see what they have to see what you want to add to the mix.

Include Amazing Props

Along with costumes, you can add some photo booth props. Think about some interesting things that your guests can say and write them into speech bubbles. Your guests can hold them above their heads, or above the heads of their friends to appear as if they’re saying what is in the talking bubble. Along with this, you can include in the photo booth hire package anything that will match the theme of your event. For instance, if you have a western theme, you might want to have a prop like a lasso or a hitching post. Keep in mind everything else going on at the party and you will get some great ideas about what you can include along with the costumes at the booth. You may even want to poll your guests ahead of time to see what they would like for you to include.

Allow Your Guests to Post Directly to Social Media

Everyone loves social media. The majority of the people at your event will be posting to social media while they’re in attendance. Giving them another way they can post to social media will make them feel excited. So many photo booth hire companies provide the ability to post directly to social media from the photo booth. This is because the pictures are taken in digital format and can be instantly shared or posted to whatever social media you prefer to utilize. Make sure your guests know this is available by having a sign at the booth along with any hashtags you want for them to use.