Steps on How to Clean the Air Conditioning System by Yourself

Making sure that you air conditioning system is clean is known to be a very important task that must be done most of the time at homes because this will provide you efficiency for your money since you’ll be getting what you paid for. It’s understood that this device is known to provide more comfort in the house, but this is bad once you leave it like that all the time and just ignore it even if you notice that the air is not flowing well anymore.

Having a dirty air conditioning system can cause you a bad time in your home, and can make things bad for you as well. This can cause a rickety machine indeed which is why you must learn how to clean the system by yourself. This can also save you more money because you don’t need to pay for bills once you hire a specialist that can clean it up for you. If you’re interested in learning how to do this, then just take note of these steps:

Turn off the Power

The first thing that you must consider before you proceed with cleaning is that you must make sure that you turn off the power of the device since the device will be all wet during the cleaning time. Be sure to completely shut it down on the actual AC on the main panel of the device.

Vaccum the Debris First

There might be some clippings on your device, some leaves, and a whole lot of dust bunnies in there. Be sure that you try and use a soft brush to remove these away, and try to clear it all off using a vacuum cleaner to get the job completely done in no time.


Fix the Fins

There might be unaligned fins on your system, and using a knife or stick can clear this problem out. This will realign the bent parts of the fins in order for you to properly clean off some of the dirt that got stuck. Just use a little, gentle pressure when doing this to prevent damage.

Disassemble the Fan and Wipe the Dirt

Remove the exhaust fan by unscrewing it away. Once it’s removed, be sure to wipe off all of the dirt and leaves that might be stuck there using a dry cloth.

Clean the Fins Completely before Reassembling it

Lastly, make sure that you use water pressure on the fins to completely remove the remaining dirt on the fins. Once you do this, expect that your device will be completely clean in no time. All you need to do next is to dry it all off before reassembling it and turning it on to see if your device is back to normal.

Rest assured that these steps will make your device perfectly clean, and this can be done in just an hour. This is a good way to become productive and proud of yourself because you saved money for cleaning fees, and the fact that you learned something that will make your home very comfortable again is a great achievement indeed.