How Often you Should Clean your Carpet

Today there exists a lot of myths and fallacies on how frequent should your carpet be cleaned. The answer to this question greatly depends on how busy your carpet is being used.

A report compiled by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC), indicates that the minimum period of cleaning it should at least once a year. In where the 12 to 18 months between cleanings is ok, whereas in areas where the foot traffic is higher it should be cleaned after every three months by professional cleaners.

Homes with pets, children, a lot of foot traffic and smokers ought to have their carpets skillfully cleaned 2-4 times annually. Whereas dust and bacteria initiate the attacks of asthma and allergic responses, sand, the dirt and coarse elements reduce your carpets life and causes in early wear.

Alongside contracting a professional carpet cleaner Adelaide, house owners are supposed to vacuum spaces with minor foot traffic on a weekly basis and more frequently with high foot traffic. But in houses that have pets and kids, it needs multiple cleaning weekly.

With all the effective cleaning methods that are well known and praised, still there are homes that have issues with them because of their health or environment. Therefore such cases demand methods that use natural, eco-friendly, non-poisonous cleaning products.

With an aim of being health conscious, some householders choose to use carpet cleaners that are homemade. These homemade cleaners comprise of white vinegar with some water, or a mixture of vinegar, borax, and salt for stronger stains. However, you can buy commercial green carpet cleaners in the market.

There are carpet cleaners that offer eco-friendly or green carpet cleaning. It is advisable to inquire the kind of methods they use and if their cleaning products are plant- or chemical-based.

Green carpet cleaning acts an alternative to the common method and many insist on equal results in both cases. But the question still remains, are plant based products best for stain removal?