How Name Badges Can Change Introvert’s Life

Any introvert knows how being stuck at a party or a conference can be so hard. You are required to do a small talk with the strangers that are in the venue. Introvert people are shy and reticent, so planning a short discussion can be painful, they are afraid that it will be awkward, boring or they’ll run out of words.

But if you are working on a company, attending seminar or events is difficult to avoid. If you are an introvert yourself and wanted to at least exchange briefs conversation and information, having a name tag can elevate the art of small dialogue.

Build Identity

Name badges are often used inside the company. If you are to attend events and seminars, it’s advisable to your name tag to build your identity. Introverts can’t start a conversation unless it is a matter of life and death. If you have a name badge in you, you are already introducing yourself without saying words. You are also advertising your company without knowing it.

Conversation Opening

This can be a great way for people to open up a conversation. If you are an introvert and you need to talk to someone, you just need to look on their badges to know what type of topic they might be interested. It will also reduce tension once you know who you are dealing with. These badges offer basic information; from there you may begin a transaction.

Save Effort and Time

Some people don’t prefer wearing a name tag. But it can help introverts to save seconds just to acquire information about the person. Since name and title are mostly found in badges, you’ll identify that that girl belongs to the same company as yours, or you will be able to get the name surname of the manager from another company that you need to have. If you just want to know the spelling of your new co-worker’s name, a short glimpse would do.

Some people are not really good at interaction, some are also cautious about opening a conversation with a stranger. Name badges can maximise the people you may know with a simple tag. If you are a socially awkward person but people need to know who you are and what you do, then it is a good option. No one wants to be labelled as awkward and boring, so it’s better to pin up you name badges to be more open.