Heat press machine versus Screenprinting: Which is the better choice?

There are many different ways of producing printed articles, especially apparels such as graphic t-shirts, jackets and caps. One of the most common printing methods used for getting things printed on a textile is by using a heat press machine and a screenprinting. These two methods have their own advantage and disadvantages over one another and here are three aspects worth noting on which is the better choice taken when certain scenarios arise.


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Cost efficiency

To get the best value for the person’s money is definitely something that clients will think about when they are planning to have items printed on. Business-wise, the heat press machine will be much more effective in terms of cost efficiency as the machine in itself is not overly expensive to purchase compared with a screenprinting machine and earnings will easily be gained back. However, the opposite can be said when these are done as a hobby. Screenprinting kits are cheaper and easier to get compared with heat press machines.

Production speed

When it comes to production speed, both methods are appreciated. Screenprinting and heat presses do just as well and fast when it comes to producing prints but they can only differ at the amount to be printed. Heat presses are much preferred over screenprinting when it comes to multiple batches of apparel or items to be printed on as heat press machines can easily transfer the designs onto the medium chosen by the clients. Screenprinting may take time especially when it comes to multitudes of materials being printed on as its method of transferring the print will have to be repeatedly pushed until the design has been fully transferred onto the material.


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Screenprinting is known for the vibrant designs it creates when it an item gets printed on it. However, this is only possible when the exact amount and presence of the colors are used. On the other hand, using a heat press machine can transfer all the necessary details of a design properly onto the medium. When the texture of the printing is touched, the screenprinting result will, on rare occasions, have lumps on the printed surface because of the numerous amount of paint repeatedly pushed on it. With the heat press machine, however, it delivers a smooth covering as the design is transferred properly from the transfer paper and onto the materials it is printed on.

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