How to get Distant Free Psychic Reading

Sometimes, you must wonder how you can avail of free psychic reading. You have two options for this. The first is through face to face psychic reading and the other one is through distant reading. Both can give you almost the same result, the difference is more on your preference. Of course, it would still be better to get a free psychic reading from a distance so you won’t have to go to them. It would save you a lot of time and effort as you can just stay home while getting read. It’s a good thing there are many ways in getting distant reading.

Through telephone

Calling a specific number given by the psychic readers and speaking to them on the phone is another way to reach them. Some are offering free psychic service using this method. However, there are readers especially those who are known in this field who charge per minute, per hour, etc.


Yes, you can get your free service through SMS. You just need to subscribe to a specific psychic reader’s website and request for your daily horoscope. Some just need you to register once but others will require you to pay a specific amount to continuously get the service.


This is most common to different psychic readers’ sites. They have an available chat box for you to send your message anytime. The response can be instant depending on the availability of the reader. It’s also possible you’ll get a generic response while she’s away.

After finding out the many ways of getting a free service from a distance, you must avail of one now. Contact Absolute Soul Secrets for a free psychic reading online, you must get one from a reliable source so you won’t end up wasting your time. You can get referrals from friends who love getting free reading. You’ll be surprised at all the information they’ll give you about the readers they counter.