When choosing personalised Christmas cards, always keep in mind the recipients’ likes and dislikes and or interests. The wrong choice of cards can lead to misunderstandings or fallouts as someone might read so much on the card images/picture or the message. Below are some of the factors to consider while choosing personalised Christmas cards;

Culture and Beliefs;

It is very easy to offend a person if you do not know about their culture and beliefs. Always keep in mind that not all people celebrate Christmas. It will be good to do a background check on the individual regarding the celebrations. If not sure whether the person celebrates, be safe by choosing a card that reads “Happy Holidays” than “Merry Christmas” to someone who does not celebrate it.


Keep the messages brief;

The Holiday season is a time to relax, put the feet up and enjoy that mug of hot chocolate and not a time to read an encyclopaedia about someone’s family in a holiday card. Christmas cards messages should be short and to the point. People don’t like reading much on a card, and this should equally work for you. Take advantage of the holidays and write short heartwarming messages on the cards. The less there is, the better.

Add a personal touch;

Personal touch ensures that your sentiments stand out in the card. Go an extra mile to make sure that your card is accompanied with a gift that brings out your feelings. Go for gifts such as customised stationery, shopping vouchers, or tickets to a game, movie or performance. Depending on how close you are with the receiver, a funny pun or an inside joke will go a long way.

Do it yourself cards;

A DIY card will go a long way in adding value to a card. Using pictures or images then can relate to will bring fond memories that they will want to cherish forever. You can incorporate cut-outs to create special effects on the card. The colouring of the card will give the impression that you gave some thoughts to designing the cards. If the creativity hat does not work, go digital. Digital cards are readily available to choose from; you will have to choose one that speaks more to the person who receives it and add some few customisations and click the send button without glitter and glue mess.

Take your time to understand the person you are buying the personalised Christmas card for before making the selection. Good Luck!