Cooking food and serving it is the mere definition of catering. Time has passed when catering is limited to only food provision to table setting. Catering like any other business grows and evolves. Catering has become a sought after business concept that is waiting to be put into action. Catering services have expanded their activities to event planning, menu selection, table setting, music choice and many more. It’s a big job and client’s satisfaction is the main objective of the business concept. Catering is a good business idea to try but saying it is not as easy as the actual labour; too many things need to be consider.

Most caterers start a catering service business because of their love of food and how they may able to share it with other. Cooking is an art and catering is one of the ways to display and share it. The notion of starting a business especially an event catering requires perfect use of skills and ideas. To start a catering business, the following should be considered:

1. Event type: event comes in different forms; it could be a birthday party, a graduation, wedding anniversary and so forth.
Starting a business means having an idea on how big the job is. Experience or no experience, catering business should be carefully planned and managed. It is a crucial decision to choose the type of event to do. In fact, according to professional caterers, birthdays and wedding events are the easiest and the most common out of all the celebrations. This factor should be established first to be able to set other things such as the menu plan, the budget, fee, etc smoothly.

2. Budget: this is an important factor to take account. Every business needs budget to start one. The budget includes the workers fee, utensils use, table, chairs, and ingredients for the food to be cooked. The first event always makes a great impact to the budget because of the things that’s needed. Budget should be enough for the planned event.

3. Basic concept: uniqueness is an important key for a business to grow. Rivals are always present in an event catering business. Good concept should be one of your advantages. Monotony of things bores clients, they want exclusivity. For example a debut, girls turning 18 always want a celebration different from other. They want to be the first to this kind of theme celebration.

4. Workers (chef, waitress, food attendant): event catering involves many things, which means more workers to hire. Client should be provided with good service, there should always be someone he or she can call whenever he needs something.

5. Service: distinctiveness of a business is always admired no matter what it is. Make sure that you have different sets of menu that clients can choose from. It would be nice of this menu are customizable and cater clients like.  To improve and draw more clients, your services must be individual made so clients fill that they are important.
Ups and down in a business always happen, giving up on a failed first time is not an option, it’s an experience. Let it be your reason to strive more and succeed.

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