Electric Motors Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is an investment and not an expense – this is something that is true to any equipment that you are using, either at home or at work. This is especially applicable if you are working in a place which requires the use ofelectric motors or if you are engaged in a mechanical engineering job. When you use electric motors as means of providing customer services, the maintenance of your equipment would actually make you save more and will allow you to provide excellent service to your clients. Here are some of the simple but effective ways of maintaining your mechanical engineering tools.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your equipment on a regular basis is actually the most basic step in preventive maintenance. Keeping your motors clean will help them greatly in having long life. Also, make sure that the brushes are replaced on a regular basis as well, especially when you signs of massive tear and wear. Furthermore, since electric motors are often being run in a dusty environment, it is highly advisable to do the cleaning at least once a month.

Check the Brush

The steady stream of dust particles in the electric motors is caused by the frequent movement of the commutator and the brushes against each other. Its build up can cause slot packing, as this stream of dust particles has transmission properties as it is composed of carbon. If the dust is filling up the slots, the brushes will not be able to move properly in their holders, which can cause open circuit problems and electric sparks. When this happens, it can totally ruin your motor’s performance. So always make sure that the brushes and the slots are dust-free so your electric motor can perform at its best.

Reduce the Moisture

The amount of moisture in your electric motor is not really that controllable, especially when you are located in an area where the air is always humid. However, you can still manage to lessen it. Bear in mind that moisture has a bad effect on your motor, as the condensation can cause your electric motor to accumulate rust. If this happens, you can use grease with strong rust inhibitors.

Maintaining your mechanical engineering equipment may not be that easy, but you should spend the time in making sure that they are well taken care of. Also, it is advisable to have a staff who is skilled in cleaning and maintenance of you electric motors to make sure that your tools are cleaned and maintained properly. You can also let the mechanical engineering company in Brisbane do it for you.