Why Consider Getting a Serviced Office Space

Ready-to-use office space that is shared with others is called serviced office. Usually, these spaces are managed by facility management companies who rent individual offices or floors to other companies. The major advantage of serviced office is the flexibility to expand or reduce the space, which is beneficial for both start-up companies as well as large-scale businesses.

Flexibility in Rental Terms

Serviced offices help in starting an instant business as these come with all the necessary support and services required to run a business. These are usually found in the business centres in the major cities. You could find flexibility in rental terms as most office providers often allow it instead of letting the office space on lease.

When a company sees the growth in its business, it may need some more space to accommodate more employees. At this stage, space can be extended with a bit of increase in rental. This increase can be for a brief or extended period, depending on your requirements.

Complete Functions

The serviced office providers can also offer conference rooms, meeting rooms, video conferencing devices, audio conferencing devices and other equipment for an as fleeting period as one day on rent to facilitate your business effectively.

Otherwise, you may ask for the same on permanent basis whenever you need. Cleaning and security are provided to lessen your burden of these issues. One or more security personnel depending upon your requirement will be there too and help protect your space 24 hours a day. The facility management company handles these vendors to make you free so that one can concentrate on only his primary goal.

All the mails are sorted and delivered to your desk by the provider as an incentive. The services provider can also handle outside services like rail ticket booking, air ticket booking, hotel booking, car rentals, etc. A fully furnished reception area with answering machine, support system, secretarial support, photocopier, fax machine, scanner, printer, etc. are some other things that can be hired on share basis from office provider.

Address in a Major Business Area

Since all the serviced offices are located at major business centres, you will be able to easily communicate with your business associates without any difficulty in finding your address. These offices also provide some additional benefit regarding modern infrastructure, from 24-hour power backups, internet-ready meeting rooms and audio-visual equipment etc.

Whether you’re planning to rent a serviced and furnished office soon, be sure you allot time in the research process. This step can give you lots of time to contact the management of each office and examine each area. It might also give you ample time in deciding on the best company that could satisfy all your service needs. Having plenty of time to choose might also enable you to examine offers given to examining which contracts are sensible.

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