Why You Must Call Building And Pest Inspection Experts

Rodent control is a necessary service because the harmful rodents (mice and grey rats) are carriers of serious diseases communicable to humans and domestic animals. Harmful rodents are responsible for causing significant material damage and more.

Beyond that, they are known for their habit of chewing on everything that comes their way. Rats and mice can damage food and over the years, they have damaged thousands of properties and food warehouses.

In addition, harmful rodents are carriers of serious diseases such as brucellosis, trichinosis and FMD, which can transmit to human and domestic animals. The transmission of these diseases can be made through open wounds both directly (by human/animal or by eating contaminated food) and indirectly (by ticks, mites and fleas), which make the transmission of infection after they fed on the infected rodents possible.

What is worrisome is that these pests live in colonies and have an extremely fast pace of mating. Therefore, when you feel their presence in the house, it is recommended to seek building and pest inspections professionals immediately.

For increased efficiency, it is recommended to seek their assistance regularly. It is indicated once every three months. How do you realise you are dealing with the problem of harmful rodents? To check if you are dealing with these uninvited guests, we advise you to follow these pointers:

• Rodent droppings can be found around food, in drawers, cabinets and/or under the sink
• Nests of shredded paper, fabric or dried plants
• Signs of gnawing and chewing on food packages
• Bad smells in hidden places

If you notice these signs, go ahead and call the building and pest inspections professional.

The insects, although harmless at first glance, are in fact dangerous pests that give headaches to many residents—whether we are talking about rural inhabitants or urban residents. The most prevalent insects are acarian (ticks or mites), insects (mosquitoes and flies), Blattidae (black beetle) and Phillodromiidae (yellowish-red beetle).

The reason why professional pest control services are necessary is the fact that these pests are carriers of many pathogens that favour the emergence of diseases. We require action to prevent and combat insects and parasites that carry the disease, which swarm around us—everywhere.

In conducting pest control service, the building and pest inspections company appeals to specialised equipment.