In today’s time where your safety is challenged because of the harder situations when it comes to survival, you have to do everything to deter crooks and burglars away from your home or your business establishment. One way of doing so is the use of surveillance cameras – this is an important item for an alarm monitoring system. The most conventionally used type of surveillance camera system is the analogue type in which the information will be viewed from locations that are literally connected with it. However, being technology is constantly evolving, there is a new and more advanced method to deter these bad souls and that is through the use of IP cameras. So, what is the big difference of analogue surveillance camera from IP surveillance camera? A lot actually! Just from the thought that with IP camera, it is connected to the internet, you can already imagine the advanced features that you can avail.

For more enlightenment, check out below some of the benefits in converting to IP camera:

First difference from an analogue type to IP camera is its resolution. While in the analogue system, it only uses 0.4MP, the most standard IP camera is equipped with 2MP which means it is five times clearer than your conventional surveillance camera. You can even find IP cameras with up to 10MP.

Another very advance feature of IP cameras is the fact that you can access real time documentation of your IP camera from any server being it is connected to the internet. I fact, you can even view the action in your own mobile gadget like the Ipad or android smart phones. Now you can just imagine the convenience it generates. Even when you are on vacation, you can still check our place through your own mobile gadget and you will see clearly all the real time events especially f you will avail an IP camera with higher megapixels. This is definitely not the case with the analogue system!

You may think that because it is equipped with advance features, it is very complicated to navigate. That is definite not the case. In fact, if you know how to use the mouse of your desktop computer, then you will know how to use an IP camera.

You can be assured that you can still use IP cameras in the future as technology evolves as since it is with an IP gear, it can be updated to match a possible evolvement.

Your IP cameras will be equipped with on-board processors that has the capability to analyze the real time situations being captured by it and will then alert its corresponding personnel through the particular video that is causing the alert. It can be sent to the prescribed gadgets. So basically, no matter where you are, you will right away know if something out of the ordinary is currently happening in the place where the IP camera is installed. Wow, it would be like you have a guard 24/7 in your place!