According to removalists, it is necessary to disassemble the pool table before moving it from one place to another. While you may have complete confidence in your muscle power especially with a little help from your buddies, it is still safe to hire professional removalists to do the job. A pool table is one of the heaviest and hardest furniture to move. Not only is it massive and bulky, it is also delicate. You need to be cautious not to scratch the surface or break any part of the table.

The first step that professional removalists recommend when moving a pool table is to tear it down carefully. Label every part that you remove. You need to create a list of all the parts so that it will be easy to put them back together. Successfully moving the pool table would be of no use if you will not be able to reassemble it into its original state. For this, you will need a few tools including a power drill, a socket wrench, safety goggles, a staple puller, and a flat head screwdriver. Looking for professionals to safely move your pool table? Call the best pool table removals services.

• The first part to be removed should be the side pockets. Remember to keep the bolts in a resealable, transparent bag so it is easy to find during reassembly.

• The trickiest part of the job is taking off the felt. There is a high possibility of the cloth being damaged if you are not careful.

• You will need a power drill to remove the screws from the slate. It is considerably heavy so you will need the help of a few people when taking it apart.

• Remember to wrap all the parts before moving them to the truck. The rails and the legs should be placed on top.

The job may sound simple, but once you are doing it, it is highly likely that you will regret doing it on your own. Moving a delicate pool table should be left to professional movers. They know what to inspect before even touching a single component to make sure that the table will keep its divine condition.